• 2 packs Sympli Yam Cubes
  • 475mL water


How to Prepare Pounded Yam using Symplinatural Recipes;

Pounded Yam

Bring 475mL water to a rolling boil in a medium-sized pot.

Add two packs of Sympli Yam Cubes, and leave to boil for 7 minutes.

When yam is cooked, scoop into a food processor or a wooden mortar.

If using a food processor, use the chopping blade and blend the yam for 5 minutes until soft and fluffy with no visible lumps. Scoop out with a wet spoon and mold to preferred shape. It is best to blend when the yam is very hot.

If using a mortar and pestle, pound for 6-7 minutes or until there are no visible lumps. If yam becomes too tough, add one cooking spoon of the water used in cooking the yam and pound for another one minute. It is best to pound when yam is still very hot.

Note: you do not want your pounded yam too soft or too hard — it has to be just right.

Serve pounded yam with any soup of your choice.