VISION: To popularise African cuisine worldwide and in so doing increase demand for Africa’s perishable crops, which in turn will reduce post-harvest loss, create jobs and sustainably increase global food supply.

MISSION: To become the leading supplier of top quality African ingredients that are wholesome, easy to prepare and produced locally to ensure authenticity. To use our success at home as a springboard to expand globally.

Like you, we know that nothing is as special as the taste of fruit and vegetables when they are just picked from the farms—especially when they are from the rich soils of our farms in Africa.

We started on a mission to see how we could “lock in” this special goodness, this natural goodness…and bring it across the globe. After ten years, we found a way to work closely with the farmers here in Nigeria to use only the best vegetables and fruits. We hand-pick them when they are at their peak, then peel and chop them so they are ready-to-cook, and finally use an advanced technology (IQF) to freeze them at the coldest temperatures, making them fresh-frozen. Fresh-frozen retains all the taste, texture, and nutrients as they were when they just freshly picked. Then, Sympli was born. Years of searching for the best yams, plantains, pineapples… and years of locking in their goodness. The journey has been most fulfilling. We are building relationships with the farmers, who do so much for our country. We know that with each day, we are able to provide more and more jobs for our people in Africa.

We can now bring the wonderful tastes of Africa and the wonderful tastes of Sympli across the globe. When you crave that taste of home, that special taste that will feed your soul, you have Sympli!