1. What is Sympli?
Sympli is a line of fruits and vegetables sourced exclusively from farmers in Africa. Harvested by hand at their peak, ingredients are peeled, chopped, and fresh-frozen to retain all their delicious flavours, freshness, and essential nutrients. Sympli comes ready-to-cook, so now making authentic family-favourite meals is simpler and much more enjoyable!

2. What does ‘fresh-frozen’ mean?
We take our products and rapidly freeze them at an exceedingly low temperature, many times faster than putting food into your freezer. This flash freezing process locks in vitamins, minerals and prevents decay so you can enjoy the same delicious taste without compromising on nutrition. We call this technology IQF (Individually Quick Freezing).

3. Does Sympli contain any additives or preservatives?
Apart from ascorbic acid, an anti-oxidant found in vitamin C, with a retention value <0.5%, there are NO added salts, NO sugars, NO fats, NO colours, NO fragrances, and NO other preservatives.

4. Why should I buy frozen when I can buy fresh?
Many reasons:
1) Convenient: All our ingredients are peeled, chopped and ready to use, so cooking with Sympli is a quick, convenient way to prepare your favourite dishes without the hassle.
2) Available: With Sympli, you can enjoy your favourite vegetables all year round! And since we fresh-freeze the products right at harvest, you can rest easy that the nutritional value and delicious taste are locked in.
3) Money Saving: With Sympli, we remove all peels, cut-offs and discoloured pieces so you don’t have to. We give you the best of the best -100% yield every time.

5. Can I store Sympli in my refrigerator? 
No. Sympli products are meant to be kept frozen until ready to use. Frozen products require a minimum storage temperature of -18 °Celsius (0 °Fahrenheit) or colder at all times. The temperature of your refrigerator is too warm to store Sympli, so only store the product in a freezer or in the freezer section of your fridge.

6. Should I thaw/defrost the ingredients before using? 
No, you do not need to defrost the ingredients. You only need to remove the Sympli bag from the freezer, open and begin cooking per the instructions on the bag. It’s that easy!

7. Are Sympli products cooked before packing?
No, they are NOT cooked. Our products are sold ready-to-cook.

8. Should I fry Sympli ingredients in oil?
Yes, if you prefer. When frying Sympli products in a frying pan, we recommend you first place one piece in hot oil (175°C / 350°F) to see that it floats. If it floats this means the oil is hot enough: then add the rest and constantly turn to ensure even frying of all the pieces.

CAUTION: The oil may bubble and pop out of the fryer, so use caution when placing pieces into the fryer. Additionally, fry only moderate amounts of frozen food at a time, making sure to remove freezer burn or any excess ice before cooking. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED WHEN FRYING.

9. How do I prepare Sympli products?
With Sympli, you’re the chef! Our products can be prepared all different ways-deep fried, pan fried, baked, broiled, cooked-however you like it. Simply take the products directly from the freezer, open the bag and carefully put the ingredients directly into a pot or pan and begin to make your favourite dish! You don’t need to defrost. Just make sure you do not overcook. It’s that simple!

10. Are your products Halal and Kosher certified?
Yes. Sympli is certified in meeting Islamic ‘Halal’ standards by The South African National Halal Authority (SANHA) and conforms with Jewish ‘Kosher’ requirements as accredited by The Union of Orthodox Synagogues (UOS) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

11. Where do you source your ingredients?
We have agreements with select African farmers who grow, harvest and supply the raw material to our specifications. We only source from local farmers who meet our quality standards; also, our products meet Food Safety requirements as set out by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and US FDA.

12. Can I trust products produced in Africa by Sympli? How do you ensure top world standards?
Absolutely! You can rest assured that all our products are grown, picked, and packed in Africa. The Sympli processing facility is a world class facility and is British Retail Consortium (BRC) certified.

Our facility is HACCP certified by SGS International, approved by The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and The Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON). In addition, the factory has passed an audit by an internationally renowned Quick Service Restaurant. Every batch undergoes organoleptic and microbial analysis to ensure safety and top quality for human consumption. At Sympli, providing you the best quality is our promise!

13. Who are the promoters of Sympli?
Sympli is the registered brand name of a range of authentic African ingredients produced by Venus
Processing and Packaging Limited (Venus), part of the Primlaks Group. Primlaks commenced operations in Nigeria on 1 October 1971 and aims to improve lives by offering essential products and services that better the lives of people.